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The Water Project Minnesota Premiere!

The Water Project Goes International!

Join us on Friday April 19th at The University of Minnesota for the Screening of The Water Project! The Water Project goes overseas for the first time in collaboration with the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA), UMN Students Against Hunger and The UMN Students For the Horn of Africa and The I Care Campaign!

The Water Project is a documentary that follows the journey of 3 friends from Toronto who decided to travel back home to Ethiopia and Somalia. They witness mass starvation and hunger fuelled by 2 years of drought. Despite the many challenges they face, they do not falter from their one purpose: find a sustainable solution.

We’ve joined forces to show you our film. The film will be followed by an evening of education, community discussion and free food! All proceeds go towards building sand dams!


Date: Friday April 19 2019

Time: 5PM

Location: 229 19th Ave S. Wiley Hall, Room 175, University of Minnesota

Ticket prices:

Early bird $20CAD/ $15USD